PV Designer 3D

Our unique software platform includes a powerful Webapp that allows easy and fast PV planning. It is primarily intended for PV installers, but can be used as well by private houseowners, architects and engineers, so that project data can be shared with all stakeholders. PV Designer can import/export 2D and 3D exchange file formats, thus enabling a seamless workflow for users of any CAD software (Autocad, Autocad REVIT, Archicad, Sketchup, Vectorworks, etc).

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A powerful productivity tool for PV installers

From a postal address to a detailed study report and a turnkey offer within a couple of minutes

Interfacing with Solaredge Designer

To simplify the planning process for installers, PV Designer 3D also allows project data to be transferred to Solaredge Designer in order to carry out precise sizing of inverters including string plans. Interfacing with other types and makes of inverters will be added in the future.

PV Designer will be available soon in Beta version. Please register if you want to receive updates on its availability.